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The Glück für Togo association is a non-profit association under Swiss law. It was founded in 2015 by employees of Swiss Casinos Zürich AG and is open to everyone. Contributions to the association were officially exempt from tax in 2016 by the Canton of Zurich.

Honorary President Jöggi Rihs
JoeggiRihs_Honorary President.jpg

On January 6, 2024, the board unanimously elected Jöggi Rihs as honorary president of Happytogo.


As owner of the Swiss Casinos Group, Jöggi Rihs supported and accompanied the project from the beginning, both as chairman of the board and privately. Without him, Happytogo would not have been possible in this form. 

With this choice, we thank Jöggi Rihs for his tireless commitment to our association, but also honor his diverse help and support for projects in Africa. 

Association board and project management

The board members work free of charge and perform all tasks of the association organization themselves.

from left to right

Marc Baumann, Treasurer

Thomas Cavelti, President

Beatrice Artho, Vice President

Nadine Gautsch, member administration

Valerie Blatter, member

Marco Zemp, member

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at

Lucas Baumann is the project manager for Happytogo and has been coordinating all projects in Togo and Switzerland on behalf of the association since 2015.
He studied environmental science at the ETH and has experience in developing smallholder structures in tropical regions
Developing countries (Vietnam and Togo) collected. In Switzerland he is an independent consultant for initiatives on sustainable nutrition.

I mprint

Website: Marc Baumann


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